Gunroar 0.15

Fight in dangerous waters and sink the enemy fleet


  • Fun, casual shooter


  • Controls are a bit crazy
  • Simple graphics

Very good

When I read that Gunroar was a space shooter set in the middle of the ocean, I imagined something completely different. My mind depicted a highly detailed sea and futuristic offshore racing boats. But Gunroar is nowhere near that. The game's graphics are so simple that they could be easily mistaken for the typical outer space setting in this kind of games.

However, this doesn't mean you can't enjoy the game. Gunroar features very quick, fun action in endless battles against waves of enemy boats and the usual boss from time to time. The game enables you to use different types of control, from which we strongly recommend the mouse plus cursor keys combinations as the less difficult one. Otherwise you'll be struggling with your keyboard while enemies massacre you.

Gunroar is a fun action game in the old Space Shooters style, but set in the middle of the ocean instead of outer space. This means also that you steer a fast, weapon-packed speedboat instead of the classic spaceship.

Gameplay is easy: kill every single enemy that appears on your screen while avoiding their shots. You'll need sharp reflexes in order to succeed!

Gunroar features a simple control and graphics look quite basic too, but the game's quick and fun action make up for it.



Gunroar 0.15

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    Fun and Frantic. Nothing else.
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